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При выполнении заданий с кратким ответом впишите в поле для ответа цифру, которая соответствует номеру правильного ответа, или число, слово, последовательность букв (слов) или цифр. Ответ следует записывать без пробелов и каких-либо дополнительных символов.

Если вариант задан учителем, вы можете вписать или загрузить в систему ответы к заданиям с развернутым ответом. Учитель увидит результаты выполнения заданий с кратким ответом и сможет оценить загруженные ответы к заданиям с развернутым ответом. Выставленные учителем баллы отобразятся в вашей статистике.

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Задание 1 № 4598

Установите соответствие между текстами A–G и заголовками 1–8. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.


1. Moscow is not for sale

2. The city of the future

3. True to life

4. The younger generation

5. A new home

6. One of many

7. A team effort

8. A hidden treasure


A. Hotel Ukraina is a remarkable building. It is located at the beginning of Kutuzovsky Avenue on the bank of the Moskva River. Built in 1957 and having a style of its own, it is worth seeing as an architectural sight. But if you go inside and walk all the way to the end of the lobby you will be rewarded with an even better sight, the existence of which is not widely known.

B. You will see there a diorama of the central part of Moscow as it looked back in 1977. This is a model of the center of Russia’s capital that was made by a large group of artists for the 1977 Soviet National Exhibition in the USA. This true work of art has a special illumination system, so Moscow can be seen during the daytime and at night when the sky turns dark and the windows of the buildings light up.

C. The model is 16 metres wide, 6 metres tall and 9.5 metres deep. On this model you can see the Kremlin and Red Square with tourist buses parked behind St Basil’s Cathedral, Rossiya Hotel, the Moskva River with river trams, the embankment with cars, New Arbat street, and even the high-rise of the Moscow State University and the Ostankino TV and radio Tower. The model is very detailed and accurate.

D. After its display in Deer Park in New York City in 1977, this unique model of Moscow travelled for several years all around the world and then back to Moscow. It won a gold medal at the Leipzig Fair and was called a masterpiece. The famous US astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to walk the surface of the Moon, wanted to buy this model of Moscow for Disneyland. But the artists refused to sell it.

E. After its return to Moscow, the model was kept at VDNH, and then was purchased by Hotel Ukraina. Since then it’s been admired by the guests of this hotel. You can look at the model from two different levels — the same level as the model itself, or an upper floor. The model is supplied with several pairs of headphones with an audio guide in English, Russian, French and German, explaining which part of Moscow you are looking at.

F. Even though so special and unique, this is not the only model of Moscow that exists in the city. A new architectural model of Moscow was built at VDNH in 2017. It is a lot bigger than the 1977 model and is more up to date. It occupies a special building and can be visited free of charge. The main difference is that even though equally accurate and even more detailed, the new model is just a model and not a piece of art.

G. Perhaps, the first model of a big city was created in 1940 in Los Angeles. Since then, there have been made many models of different cities around the world. One of the most impressive ones is the model of Jerusalem, Israel. It is a 1:50- scale model of how the city looked in the 1st century AD. It occupies 2,000 square meters and is located outdoors, in the Billy Rose Sculpture garden of the Israel Museum.





Задание 2 № 4599

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A–F частями предложений, обозначенными цифрами 1–7. Одна из частей в списке 1–7 — лишняя. Занесите цифры, обозначающие соответствующие части предложений, в таблицу.


“Seeing” with Sound


How do blind people get around safely? Some people use special guide dogs. A well-trained dog knows A_________________ cross busy streets and get from place to place. Some people use long white canes to help them get around.

Guide dogs and canes are helpful, but is there a better way B_________________? A scientist in England thought so. He is a zoologist named Dean Waters who studies bats. He knows that bats are able to fly in the dark without bumping into things. Also, he knows that bats go by using sound to “see”. Dr. Waters wondered C_________________ .

Bats as they fly make squeaking or clicking sounds. These sounds travel outward in waves. When the waves hit an object D_________________, they echo, or bounce back. The waves travel back to the bat’s ears. From the echoes, a bat learns the location and shape of objects around it. This is called echolocation.

Dr. Waters talked to other scientists, including Deborah Withington and Brian Hoyle. They all worked together and invented a new kind of cane. At first they called it a “bat cane” because the idea started with bats. The new cane has a computer in the handle. It sends out high sounds E_________________. The sound waves bounce off objects and echo back. This causes buttons in the handle to buzz. With a little training, a person F_________________ can tell where the objects are and can “see” with sound!


1. for blind people to get around

2. if people could do something similar

3. who can hear and see well

4. how to help his master

5. that humans cannot hear

6. using the cane

7. such as a tree or a house


Часть предложения


Задание 3 № 4600

Students can take the SAT


1) only one time.

2) up to six times.

3) up to eight times.

4) more than 8 times.



Задание 4 № 4601

College Board does NOT develop


1) the SAT exam variants.

2) advanced placement courses.

3) university course programs.

4) the format of the SAT.



Задание 5 № 4602

The first SAT exam was held in


1) 1899.

2) 1901.

3) 1905.

4) 1961.



Задание 6 № 4603

The word “aptitude” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to the word


1) ability.

2) knowledge.

3) skills.

4) desire.



Задание 7 № 4604

In 2010, students who were taking the SAT


1) were not allowed to use calculators.

2) had a choice whether to write an essay.

3) could get a maximum of 1600 points.

4) had to read university-level texts.



Задание 8 № 4605

Paragraph 5 implies that


1) the SAT is not a good system to rate the student’s true level.

2) it is important for college students to manage time efficiently.

3) universities prefer students who can solve problems quickly.

4) the SAT should be shorter than the 4 hours 5 minutes it is now.



Задание 9 № 4606

The word “rival” in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to the word


1) supporter.

2) competitor.

3) contractor.

4) employer.



Задание 10 № 4563

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово «DRY» так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


Death Valley

California is generally known for its dry hot weather. No wonder, one of the __________________ places in North America, Death Valley, is located in Southern California.


Задание 11 № 4564

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово NOT RAIN так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


An average of only about one and a half inches of rain falls each year in Death Valley, and in some years it __________________ at all.


Задание 12 № 4565

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово IT так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


The valley is the bottom of a lake that dried up in prehistoric times, leaving clay and salt in __________________ center and sand dunes to the north.


Задание 13 № 4566

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово SURPRISE так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


No Baseball in Bad Weather

It was late spring evening. The snow began to fall. I __________________.


Задание 14 № 4567

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово ONE так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


It was the __________________ time I experienced snow at the end of April.


Задание 15 № 4568

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово FALL так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


Earlier, the temperature __________________. And now clouds began moving in.


Задание 16 № 4569

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово COME так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


I knew a storm __________________. Would it be a snowstorm? I woke up the next morning to see the ground all covered with snow. There would be no baseball practice today!


Задание 17 № 4570

Образуйте от слова DIFFICULT однокоренное слово так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


The Loneliest Island

In the middle of the cold South Atlantic Ocean, one island stands alone. It lies near Antarctica. But it is far enough away that early explorers had __________________ finding it.


Задание 18 № 4571

Образуйте от слова ACTIVE однокоренное слово так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


At about four miles long, the island is covered with glaciers. It is home to an __________________ volcano and huge

amounts of ice. The island is cold year-round, with an average temperature of about 29° F.


Задание 19 № 4572

Образуйте от слова POSSIBLE однокоренное слово так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


The steep cliffs that surround the island make sea landings almost __________________ . This is Bouvet Island, the

loneliest island in the world. A French explorer discovered Bouvet Island in 1739.


Задание 20 № 4573

Образуйте от слова NEAR однокоренное слово так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


However, the island was so difficult to approach that nobody set foot on it for __________________ a hundred years. No people live on Bouvet Island, and little vegetation grows there.


Задание 21 № 4574

Образуйте от слова INTERACT однокоренное слово так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


In recent years, Bouvet Island has had a little more _________________ with the world.


Задание 22 № 4575

Образуйте от слова RESEARCH однокоренное слово так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


Norway, which claimed the island in 1928, set up an unmanned weather station there in 1977. Today, this quiet island near the South Pole sends weather data to a satellite, which transmits the information to _________________ in Norway.

Meanwhile, Bouvet Island stands strong and silent in the harsh climate.


Задание 23 № 4620

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) over

2) around

3) out

4) up



Задание 24 № 4621

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) up

2) out

3) to

4) on



Задание 25 № 4622

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) hold

2) keep

3) stay

4) make



Задание 26 № 4623

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) showed

2) pointed

3) noted

4) marked



Задание 27 № 4624

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) In

2) On

3) At

4) By



Задание 28 № 4625

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) admitted

2) adapted

3) excepted

4) accepted



Задание 29 № 4626

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) point

2) thing

3) item

4) piece



Задание 30 № 4627

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Martin who writes:


… It is almost spring, but surprisingly, it snowed last Wednesday! This was the first snow we’d had in more than two years! Everyone got very excited. My brother and I made a snowman in the back yard. All the roads became very slippery, so school was cancelled, and many businesses like banks were closed for two days. In which weather conditions does school in Moscow get cancelled? What was the last time you experienced it, if ever? What is the weather like in Moscow now?

By the way, our snowman turned out so good, they even put its picture in the local newspaper! …


Write a letter to Martin.

In your letter

— answer his questions

ask 3 questions about Martin’s snowman.

Write 100–140 words.


Remember the rules of letter writing.

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