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Задание 1 № 2109

Установите соответствие между заголовками 1–8 и текстами A–G. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.


1. Reason for extension

2. Presents begin to enrich the collection

3. New collections for the new building

4. New field for the old museum

5. Shift towards history

6. First famous exhibits

7. One on the basis of two

8. Location of the museum


A. The present Ashmolean Museum was created in 1908 by combining two ancient Oxford institutions: the University Art Collection and the original Ashmolean Museum. The older partner in this merger, the University Art Collection, was based for many years in what is now the Upper Reading Room in the Bodleian Library.


B. The collection began modestly in the 1620s with a handful of portraits and curiosities displayed in a small room on the upper floor. In the 17th century there were added notable collections of coins and medals later incorporated into the Ashmolean coin collection. The objects of curiosity included Guy Fawkes' lantern and a sword given by the Pope to Henry VIII, and a number of more exotic items.


C. In the 1660s and 70s, the collection grew rapidly and, in 1683, the Bodleian Gallery was left to develop as a museum of art. At first, it was a gallery of portraits of distinguished contemporaries, but from the mid 1660s, it began to acquire a more historical perspective with the addition of images of people from the past: college founders, scientists, soldiers, monarchs, writers and artists.


D. In the eighteenth century, several painters donated self-portraits. They also added a number of landscapes, historical paintings and scenes from contemporary life. Other donors, former members of the University, added collections of Old Masters so that by the early nineteenth century, it had become an art gallery of general interest and an essential point of call on the tourist map. The public was admitted on payment of a small charge. Catalogues were available at the entrance and the paintings were well displayed in a large gallery.


E. It was only with the gift of a collection of ancient Greek and Roman statuary from the Countess of Pomfret in 1755 that the need for a new art gallery became urgent. The marble figures were too heavy to be placed in an upstairs gallery and were installed in a dark ground-floor room in the library pending the creation of a new museum.


F. Before the new museum was finished, a major group of drawings by Raphael and Michelangelo was purchased by public subscription for the new galleries, establishing the importance of the Oxford museum as a centre for the study of Old Master drawings. The new museum also attracted gifts of paintings. In 1851, a collection of early Italian paintings, which included Uccello's "Hunt in the Forestone of the museum's major works of art was presented.


G. In the 1850s, the University established a new Natural History Museum, which is now known as the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. And all the natural history specimens from the Ashmolean were transferred to the new institution. Having lost what had become the most important element in its collection, the Ashmolean was to find a major new role in the emerging field of archaeology.





Задание 2 № 2156

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A–F частями предложений, обозначенными цифрами 1–7. Одна из частей в списке 1–7 — лишняя. Занесите цифры, обозначающие соответствующие части предложений, в таблицу.



Saturday jobs: memories of weekend working



Research has shown a sharp fall in the number of teenagers who do Saturday jobs. It seems such a shame — my Saturday job as a kitchen porter was something of a rite of passage. I'll never forget long hours A _________________, scouring grease off huge saucepans and griddles. Working atmosphere there helped me grow a thicker skin, develop quicker banter and, most importantly, taught me the value of hard work. It also resulted in a steady supply of cash, В _________________. I'm not the only one who has strong memories of weekend work. DJ Trevor Nelson said everyone should be able to have a Saturday job: «It taught me a lot, С _________________.»

The link between the type of Saturday job a celebrity performed and their later career is sometimes obvious. Dragon's Den star and businessman Peter Jones, for example, showed early promise by starting his own business. «I passed my Lawn Tennis Association coaching exam, D _________________,» he explains. «At the start I was coaching other kids, E __________________, for which I could charge £25-30 an hour. While my friends on milk rounds were getting £35 a week, I was doing five hours on a Saturday and earning four times as much.»

Skier Chemmy Alcott got a job working for the Good Ski Guide, on the advertising side. «It became clear to me what my personal value to companies could be. It led directly to me finding my head sponsor ... and it offered me an eight-year contract. That gave me the financial backing F _________________.»

As part of its response to the Saturday job statistics, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills said a

lack of early work opportunities makes it harder for young people to acquire experience for their СVs.


1. and things would be different if everyone was given the chance

2. which let me know he approved of me

3. and I persuaded my local club to let me use a court on Saturdays

4. which I needed to become a professional skier

5. which I would happily spend as I liked

6. that I spent in the kitchen of a busy country pub in East Sussex

7. but soon I got adults wanting to book lessons


Часть предложения


Задание 3 № 2048

Speaking about her vegetarianism, the author admits that...


1) it is the result of her childhood experiences.

2) there were times when she thought she might abandon it.

3) it was provoked by the sight of corpses.

4) she became a vegetarian out of fashion.



Задание 4 № 2049

According to the author, how much of processed meat a day is enough to raise the chance of pancreatic cancer by more than a half?


1) 50−100 g.

2) Less than 50 g.

3) From 150 g.

4) 100−150 g



Задание 5 № 2050

«This» in paragraph 4 stands for ...


1) death.

2) diagnosis.

3) information.

4) pancreatic cancer.



Задание 6 № 2051

Why does the author think that her information can't be shocking?


1) It's not news.

2) It's outdated.

3) It's not proven.

4) It's too popular.



Задание 7 № 2052

Saying «sympathy is in short supply these days», the author means that...


1) people tend to blame sick people in their sickness.

2) meat eaters do not deserve her sympathy.

3) society neglects people who have problems.

4) overweight people should pay more.



Задание 8 № 2053

The author is disappointed that eating meat is not...


1) officially prohibited.

2) considered as bad as drinking and smoking.

3) related to a poor lifestyle.

4) recognized as a major life-risking habit.



Задание 9 № 2054

The author believes that meat eaters are very ...


1) aggressive.

2) irresponsible.

3) pessimistic.

4) ill-informed.



Задание 10 № 1973

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово LATE так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


Kid inventions


Becky Schroeder was only 10 years old when she came up with the idea of the glo-paper. Two years __________, in 1974, her invention was patented.


Задание 11 № 1974

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово YOUNG так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.

She became the ____________ female to ever receive a patent in the United States.


Задание 12 № 7670

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово GET так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


The idea came to her when she tried to do her homework in the family car, while her mother shopped for groceries. It ____________ dark gradually, and she couldn't see her notebook very well.


Задание 13 № 1976

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово NOT HAVE так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.



She __________ a flashlight and imagined how nice it would be to have a paper that glows in the dark and allows you to write effortlessly without light. A year of research and experiment and she did it!


Задание 14 № 1977

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово SUPPOSE так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


A white flag


It's always a problem for me to find my car in a huge parking lot. After reading an article with a piece of advice for people like me, I decided to follow it one day. I attached a tissue to the car's antenna with a rubber band. The little white flag waving in the breeze ___________ to help me spot my car easily.


Задание 15 № 1978

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово SHOP так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


So I went ____________.


Задание 16 № 1979

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово COME так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста.


When I ______________ out, I quickly spotted a little white flag ... and about ten others.


Задание 17 № 1980

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово SCIENCE так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


Chemistry or no chemistry


I was planning a career in biology but was not looking forward to taking chemistry in my first year at Carleton University in Ottawa. However, the professor of chemistry was a famous ____________.


Задание 18 № 1981

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово CHEMISTRY так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


He made the course interesting with his many small ___________ explosions and crazy quizzes.


Задание 19 № 1982

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово CORRECT так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


Once, he posed the question: «What in the world isn't chemistry?» and offered a prize to the student who answered ____________.


Задание 20 № 1983

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово FINAL так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.

A couple of weeks passed. ____________, he announced in class that the contest was over. A student had gone to his office to ask if she could try her hand at the question. «What in the world isn't chemistry?» she asked.


Задание 21 № 1984

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово RELATION так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


«My ___________ with my last boyfriend — that wasn't chemistry.»


Задание 22 № 1985

Преобразуйте, если это необходимо, слово WIN так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.


By default, she became the ___________.


Задание 23 № 2331

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) glimpse

2) view

3) sight

4) look



Задание 24 № 2332

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) reached

2) arrived

3) completed

4) achieved



Задание 25 № 2333

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) Few

2) Little

3) Much

4) Many



Задание 26 № 2334

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) disappointed

2) apologized

3) regretted

4) dissatisfied



Задание 27 № 2335

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) rarely

2) hardly

3) nearly

4) merely



Задание 28 № 2336

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) went

2) got

3) came

4) fell



Задание 29 № 2337

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) nevertheless

2) although

3) however

4) therefore



Задание 30 № 2618

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Mary who writes:


…Last week our family went to the famous Niagara Falls. It was my first visit there and it was fun! We enjoyed the weather and the splashes of falling water on our faces. It reminded us of our last rafting trip. Where can you see beautiful water sights in Russia, if at all? Have you ever gone rafting? What do you think about extreme sports in general?

By the way, we are going to Greece this summer…


Write a letter to Mary. In your letter answer her questions, ask 3 questions about his trip to Greece. Write 100–140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

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